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International accredited celebrity makeup artist.

Makeup Artist

I had a makeup lesson with Billie. She went beyond expectations. Billie is very talented and has experience working with professional makeup from overseas. The makeup lesson gave me great help. Billie helped me pick out and match products and styles that suited my "face". The best makeup artist I have consulted. Billie is not just professional but also a great personality. You feel happy and safe in her services. Would definitely recommend her!
Billie Michelle - At Work


I am so happy that you have taken the time to come check out my website!

If you like to know a little bit about me please keep on reading, otherwise check out my gallery and get in touch!

I am SO passionate about makeup and obsessed with how it can transform a face, features and light up the client’s spirit.

I find it a form of art. My father was an extremely talented artist, he was incredible. He did all things from painting, sketching, free hand sign writing. Even his ‘time killing’ doodles were wicked.

Not to mention my mother was always amazing at makeup, I used to spend hours of my kid years watching her apply her makeup, fascinated by it. After she would leave her room I couldn’t wait to get my hands on all her stuff. Poor Mum she had so many lipsticks go missing.

She soon learnt to not buy the expensive makeup brands. Mum also taught me about peoples colouring and what suits certain people at a young age.

Armed with this inherited natural talent and knowledge and determination to learn more and more about the skills behind makeup and all about products I got a diploma in makeup artistry when I was just 16.

Nothing can teach you more about an industry apart from experience.

I am now 30, and it’s safe to say I still learn something new every day and I love it that way.

But my experience up until now gives me great satisfaction that I have achieved some life goals within my makeup world. A lot of my work has seen me around the world some of them ranging from hundreds of weddings, London Fashion Week, films, TV, music videos, and magazine spreads and so much more.

I love makeup. I love meeting new people with different concerns. Most of all I love a challenge.

Please get in touch if you want a fun loving happy-go-lucky makeup artist for all occasions.