Bridal Makeup

I have had experience with all different types of brides over the years.

Wedding Makeup Artist

So you’re getting married?! Well first of all CONGRATULATIONS!
Thanks so much for taking the time to come stop off and look at my wedding page.
This is a page of love, beautiful brides and happy ever afters.

Your wedding is a big deal, and I am so proud and honoured to have played a part in the hundreds of weddings I have already done.

So why pick me to do your bridal makeup for one of the most important days of your life?
Simply because I do great makeup. I know how to listen to your needs and wants for how you would like it to look on your big day, with incorporating what suits you best for your colouring and bone structure.
There is a massive skill in applying the right amount of makeup to look fresh, wide awake and flawless in your wedding photos. But yet the people that come face to face with you don’t see all the layers of makeup caked on your skin. Everything has to sit as if you had a great sleep and been taking some amazing supplements and they have enhanced you with a slight definition.

I feel I have perfected this skill pretty well in the 14years of being a wedding makeup artist.
And if you want to see for yourself, book in for a bridal trial, or 2 or 3… however many you feel you need till you feel relaxed and confident that you are going to look a million bucks on your big day.

I like to bring a calm yet energetic vibe to every wedding I do. There is just nothing better than reassuring a bride and also in a way distracting her nerves.

Wedding makeup isn’t just about the makeup it’s about the whole experience.
So get in contact! Let’s play with makeup!

I am currently based in Asia and New Zealand, I am avalible to travel anywhere for my clients but please check with me on avalibility - all expenses to be paid by the customer eg; public transport (taxis, trains, tubes).

Please contact Billie for dates and rates. Please note that a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date/time of the time of the booking.

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    "I booked Billie to do my wedding bedford I even had a date or venue. I had my initial trial about a year before the Big Day. I wasn't sure on what I wanted, so I left my face in the hands of Billie. I was so pleased, it was perfect for me.
    On the wedding day, Billie arrived on time and was ready to go with the 1st of my 6 bridesmaids. Their make up was great and they matched each other perfectly. Mine was as I trusted, flawless! I only had one re-touch the whole day (down to the tears!) another thing I noticed is it didn't rub off on anyone wearing light colours. This also goes for my bright white pillow. I was far to tired to remove my make up that night so proudly kept it on for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. I would book Billie to do my make up over and over and have recommended her to other brides-to-be. Billie isn't only a brilliant make up artist, but a lovely, easy to get on with, reliable person that made the getting ready part on the day fun and amazingly smooth. Thank you Billie!" - Verity Parker
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    "Billie did my bridal makeup on my wedding day for myself, my mum and my bridesmaids and I was so thankful for the entire experience. She listened carefully to everything that I wanted but also gently encouraged a few 'extra' things that I absolutely loved! She was professional, but also fun during that very special preparation time before the big moment! I would thoroughly recommend her as a makeup artist to anyone." - Janelle Soffe
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    Billie did my wedding make up in December 2015. She did myself, my mum, and my 3 bridesmaids. I am quite a reserved person who doesn't wear much make up so Billie new exactly what to do. I look at our wedding photos and I am so thankful and grateful that Billie was the make up artist on the day. Not only are the photos amazing but Billie was so much fun to have around on my special day. Her tips and suggestions were spot on and everyone commented on how amazing our make up was and how awesome Billie was. I recommend Billie 100% to anyone looking for a make up artist for what ever event. THANKS BILLIE xxx - Teresa Aporo
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    I had the pleasure of having Billie do my makeup for my wedding day and i felt beautiful, Thank you Billie xxx - Lucy Law
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    "Billie did my make up and 3 bridesmaids and my mum.  Billie was really lovely to work with in the lead up to the day and during the trial, on the day Billie was super professional and did a wonderful job with everyone's make up. I would highly recommend Billie to anyone as I was incredible happy with mine and the rest of my bridal parties makeup". - Natalie Watkins